Hannah Finkbohner
Terroir, 2021
Mixed media

About the Work

Mother Nature is Finkbohner’s greatest muse, so creating a piece for Ev&Em came naturally. Aptly named Terroir, the painting was inspired by all the natural environmental factors that come together to produce wines, including the beautiful but often terrifying forces of Mother Nature herself.

Finkbohner took the concept of terroir and applied it to her painting – merging Mother Nature with art. Her color palette is taken from colors of the vineyard and surrounding landscape – blues, greens, ochres, ambers, browns, and of course, deep reds. She used soil, twigs, leaves, and vines from this very vineyard to build the three-dimensional forms on canvas. She then used the juxtaposition of smoother areas with the textural forms to create a dialogue of calm versus chaos within the composition. This idea of calm versus chaos is consistently seen throughout all of Finkbohner’s abstract pieces – here it can be viewed as a representation of the serenity Finkbohner feels within the vineyard versus the immense power Mother Nature herself wields.

About the Artist

Hannah Marie Finkbohner is a New York City based oil painter, from Mobile, Alabama. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Southern Methodist University before continuing her artistic training at The Angel Academy in Florence. She then received her Master of Fine Arts at the New York Academy of Art. Her two areas of focus are abstract landscapes and portraiture.